Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 27: Until the Day Dawns

Day 27: Until the Day Dawns

Harbour St. Creetown, Scotland from Google Maps

Until the Day Dawns
Thomas and Margaret (Harcomb) Broadfoot's gravestone reads "Until the Day Dawns". This is fitting for my project because, I may have to wait until I get to Heaven to find out more about my earliest Scots. I plan to die trying anyway!

Thomas's father, John, married a woman named Mary. One census says her name is Reynolds and another says Randals. These two names, when spoken aloud, sound very much alike, don't they? Mary is either from Ireland or England. Right now, I think England and if so, her parents may be Thomas Randals and Mary Dawson. 

John Broadfoot was the son of David Broadfoot. On his death record, it states that he is a wood forester and that John Broadfoot, his son was present. 

Working with these two generations together will take more time of study than this do-over allows so I will leave them for another day 

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