Saturday, February 28, 2015


Auld Clothes
Week 8
"Comfort comes in auld clothes"
("Familiar friends are the best to comfort you")
Neil Wilson Publishing (May 31, 2011)]
2012 Dalbeattie Cemetery Road, Kendra May Haney, used with Permission

It is comforting to know that I am finally making progress with understanding my paternal Scots ancestors. For this next week, I will be creating list of where everyone lived and when the latter generations not part of this project came to America. 

For me, I had to push myself to keep going back to what I had already found, learn the geography and find the right streets they lived on. I have been getting positive feedback from family who has enjoyed reading narratives about the people. Just shared names and dates wasn't enough.

The collateral research (working with non direct line) brothers, sisters and their children has proved interesting. Esther Wakeman Broadfoot, the only child of John and Jane (Hannah) Broadfoot did not come to America because she got married in a hurry and had a child to raise. I have no idea if she did that alone or if her husband was involved with the child. "Beloved wife of Francis Ferguson"on her gravestone is not enough information.

I have also studied but not documented two other Broadfoot people, Eliza Templeton Hammond Broadfoot, wife of Robert McKinnell and daughter of Thomas and Margaret Broadfoot needs more work. Also William Harcomb Broadfoot, son of Thomas and Margaret Broadfoot, grocer in Dalbeattie is not fully researched.

I finally have a lead on Margaret Harcomb's Harcomb family. They were not Scottish, but English in origin and their name included an "e" on the end.

We still have weeks 9 to 13 to go in the project. I will be glad not to have to write every day as in this challenge.

Thank you for reading my entries for the Family History Challenge and your kind words. Now, I return to working on the Scots Genealogy Do-Over!

Familiar friends can be a great comfort, like auld clothes. I hope to see you again.

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