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Day 3: Asleep in Jesus: Jane Hannah

Asleep in Jesus
Jane Hannah's Story
Day 3

Merkland Farm, photo by Richard  Dengate, used with permission

Jane is born in 1851

Great-Grandmother Jane Hannah is not listed in the 1851 census because it was taken on 30 March 1851, a few weeks before she was born on 12 April 1851. She was baptized on 27 April 1851.

Her parents already had four children who were named Helen (1841), John (1844), Robert (1847) and Margaret (1848) . After her birth, her parents had three more children who were named, Adam (1854), Janett (1857) and James (1861). 

Of these children, Helen and Adam were named for Adam Smith and Helen Bell who were the maternal grandparents. Robert and Jane were named after their parents.

Another researcher reports that Jane's oldest sister, Helen, married William Henry Good in 1863 and moved to Australia. She was ten years older that my Jane.  It was from this researcher's posts on a message board that I found the location of this photograph of Merkland Farm and confirmed, from the photographer, the location of the farm and its GPS location: 55° 16′ 41.51″ N 3° 52′ 6.33″ W which when typed into Google Maps bring me to the road leading to the farm complex as it was in 2010.

The census page for 1851 lists Robert "Hannay" Hannah and his wife Jane Smith, living on the farm with her mother Helen ("Ellen") Bell Smith, as a widow, and her unmarried children, James, age 27, Robert age 25, and Margaret age 17. Only one farm servant is listed in their household so this truly was a Smith family farm. 

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