Monday, February 02, 2015

Day 2: Asleep in Jesus; Jane Hannah

Asleep in Jesus
Jane Hannah's Story
Day 2

When Jane Hannah, my paternal great grandmother was thirteen, her mother died and she took over the "household duties" for her father, Robert Hannah. 

Born at Merkland Farm

Robert Hannah had been employed as a farmhand for Adam Smith and his older brother, Robert. They owned Merkland Farm in Ruthwell in Ruthwell, Scotland, and it must have been there that Robert fell in love with Adam's daughter, Jane Smith. 

The names Jane Smith and Jane Hannah are repeated, as it was the custom, for several generations in memory of this mother and daughter. 

Jane Hannah, was born at Merkland Farm, Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire Scotland.  Her birth and baptism state that she was a "lawful child of Robert Hannah and his spouse Jane Smith." This means her parents were married when she was born. In the old countries, not all couples were married before they began to have a family.

Her baptism in Caelaverock in Dumfriesshire is not that far from the farm in Ruthwell. It seems possible that she and her siblings were baptized in the church in Caelaverock and that the minister there took down the dates of birth and added them to the date of baptism and registered both at once. 

In present day, Merkland Farm in Ruthwell is still a working farm.  

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