Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: Grandpa's Desk

Sentimental Sunday; Grandpa's Desk

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2010
After my maternal grandfather died, my saddest moment was seeing his empty desk and chair at his business. My father, his son-in-law, occupied the desk facing this desk. I was only seven, but I went into the room and sat down in Grandpa’s office chair.

Ever neat and tidy, Grandpa’s desk always looked the same. It showed a life of order and control. Yet, seeing the desk still and silent was the moment I knew Grandpa was gone forever. Dying was something no one could control.

Thinking back to this day, I realize now that my love of desks and the way I work has been influenced by that day. A desk is like your own personal island. It is a place to work and plan. Walking into the room, the way my desk looks sets my mind for the events of that day.

My father had the sad task of emptying Grandpa’s desk. Even though I was not witness to this event, I can see him opening the drawers and putting items in the box he brought home.

The box sat on my father’s workbench for several days before he went through it. Looking back, I don’t know why he brought it to our house and not to Grandpa’s house where Grandma lived. 

I am glad to have this flatiron paperweight, this duck paper holder and his, "I fell asleep here" bookmark that my Dad gave me that day. 

This photo was taken as I packed to move to our new condo. I put these items in a box marked, "Special Items" and moved it in our car with my computer backups, cash, checkbooks, and jewelry. 

I miss you, "Bop".

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Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Midge, those are wonderful mementos. And the way you work is still influenced by your grandfather is a great link to him. Thanks for sharing!