Thursday, March 26, 2015


Two at Nicht
Week 12
"Ane hour in the morn is worth two at nicht"
("You achieve more when you're fresh and energetic")
Neil Wilson Publishing (May 31, 2011)]

George G. Morgan's 4th ed. How to Do Everything Genealogy, 2015

I am a morning person so this quote has great meaning for me. Since I am cutting back, my time spent on genealogy will be more focused from now on and my writing will be done in the morning. 

George Morgan's book (in print)(in Kindle format) should be on every family historian and genealogist's bookshelf. You can never be too advanced to learn or review what you learned long ago. Things change. 

A couple of weeks ago, I set up a closed Facebook group with Nancy, who is a descendant of my grandfather's brother John. Our goal is to find out who has what records and who has what photos of our shared family. Having both of us be admins, it will be easier for us to handle. I was waiting for just the right way to share our findings and decided that I needed to do it now instead of waiting for the right medium. Of course, the ones who are not on Facebook lose out. You can't please everyone.

Nancy's mom, who is 93, is the oldest living Broadfoot descendant. Recently, Nancy went to visit her mom and took quick photos of photos in an album and texted them to me. Most of them she had already shared some years back but it was a good review of what we already know.

We will enjoy sharing them with our group. I gained the photo captions on the photos so I can identify each person. (That is a big deal for me.) Our California cousins are much more social and have more generations than just myself and my two first cousins and their families on my Coast. Because I am in a different time zone, it doesn't help that I am a "morning person". 

Nancy and her mom, 2015

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