Friday, March 13, 2015

:Week 10: KIRK YARD

Kirk Yard
Week 10
"Let the kirk stand i' the kirk yard"
("Let everything be in its proper place")
["Scottish Proverbs by Colin Walker (p. 172)]
Birlinn Publishing (2000)]

Photo by Cary Schmidt, 25 Apr 2014, used with permission

On the right hand side of this photo one can easily see the church. Cary took this photo from Merkland Farm area.

Close up of above photo of church and yard.
Google Maps allowed me to show the viewpoint, Cary took when he took this distance photo. If you will remember, Jane Hannah was baptized in this church as an infant

Here are some great photos of what the church looks like in present day. At the top of the pictures there are four page buttons that take you to the other views.

 Remember, this is where Jane Hannah's parent, Robert Hannah and Jane Smith are buried. The best part is that Cary took this photo because he knew Jane was his ancestor's sister. That's a lucky accident for me.

From Google Maps, 2015

The word "kirk" means church and it can mean more than just the building itself but all things that have to do with church, like church meetings, rules and regulations and governing bodies of that particular sect. 

The graveyard is called the kirk yard. Stones tend to surround the church building even along the walk into the main doors of the church. So, you can see what the Scottish saying for this post means. Everything in order just like the rows of stones may of which have many names carved in them. It must be wonderful to take one photo and get several generations of your genealogy at once.

I am amazed that so many of my ancestors moved to Dalbeattie and are buried there. This means that I only had three graveyards to find all of the gravestones in for this whole Scots Genealogy Do-Over. 

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