Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Margaret GALLUP

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permsiion
Row #5, Grave #508-10-079, GPS 41.41682 N - 71.97200 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Margaret, daughter of Lodowick & Margaret, died Dec. 4, 1858 age 29
(The Hale lists her age at deaths as 29, but the stone has it as in her 30th year)

Margaret GALLUP

Sister to Dwight GALLUP, Margaret was the daughter of Lodowick GALLUP and his wife Margaret (Peggy) PHELPS. 

She was the last child born in her family. She only lived until just before her thirtieth birthday, having been born 30 Dec 1828 and died on 4 Dec 1858.

She is listed as #1419 on Page 192 of the Gallup (2009) Genealogy.

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