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Capt Avery Gallup and wives

Captain Avery GALLUP and wives Melinda and Mary
(his gravestone reads Deacon)

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2104, used with permssion
Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Capt. Avery Gallup (#1315 p. 315) is buried with his two wives and several children in  the Gallup Cemetery in Ledyard, New London, CT.  Capt. Avery, (Isaac, Benadam, Benadam, Benadam, John, John) was my first cousin, 6 times removed.  

His first wife Melenda (Melinda) BAILEY died young, at 26 years old, on 12 Oct 1828, leaving him with two small children to raise. It is not known who her parents were (her father is listed as "R") as her marriage record in the Barbour Index just indicates she was "of Groton" at the time of her marriage in 1822 to Capt. Avery Gallup. Her gravestone is carved with a weeping willow and he mourned for her. She died in 1828 not in 1830 was it states in the Gallup (2009) genealogy. She was born sometime in 1802-1803 as calculated by her death date. Normally, I don't use this method of finding a birth date.

He married 2nd,  Mary HALEY on 13 Mar 1834, whose parents were Stephen Haley, Sr. and Lucy Gallup (#1308, p. 316) which means he married his cousin as her mother Lucy (Benadam, Benadam, Benadam, Benadam, John, John) was a Gallup descendant. Lucy was my 5th great aunt.  

He was a blacksmith and a farmer and Deacon of the First Baptist Church of Groton (for 22 years). His second wife, Mary, outlived him by many years and died in 1891. 

Capt. Avery Gallup was born on 6 Apr 1796 and died on 4 Nov 1864.  The placement of this family in Row 6, so far back in the cemetery, and not with the gravestones of an earlier period, may be because this family needed a whole row for those that died.

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