Friday, September 30, 2016

Joseph, Edward, Emily and Lucy Gallup

Photos by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission (gravestones 97-100)
Children of Deac. Avery Gallup and his wife Mary Haley

Crop of Hale Cemetery Index for family of Avery Gallup
These are the children of Deac. (Capt.) Avery Gallup and his second wife Mary. I cropped this page from the Hale Cemetery Records to make sure that I could read the dates and to check the Gallup (2009) Genealogy to see that they were transcribed correctly.

I made this collage because I think this is a good example of the change in style of gravestones for one family. Lucy (the gravestone on the right) lived a long life as a single woman and can be found in the 1920 census living in Providence, RI with her niece, Mary, schoolteacher, who was the daughter of Giles Albert Williams and Mary Gallup, granddaughter of Giles Williams and Fanny Maria Gallup. 

Emily's gravestone is the one with the lovely saying, "Always lovely and all loved her", lived until she was 28. Edward, the third gravestone from the left, lived until the age of 20. 

Joseph's gravestone can no longer be read, but it must have been readable in the 1930s during the Hale Cemetery Transcription project and it says he died at age 7 months and 23 days. The fact that his gravestone is as large as the others (and not a small infant gravestone) shows that this was a prominent family and wanted all their gravestones to be the same size.

This family has other children that survived and are not buried here namely Anna Gallup who married Maj. Jacob Lorenzo Gallup, and Simeon Gallup who married Lillie Taylor.

From Avery Gallup's first marriage, William Avery Gallup and his sister, Elizabeth Gallup lived to adulthood and married. There may be living descendants of the adult children that survived.

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