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Laid to Rest: Obituary of Eliza Fish Denison Stewart

Porch Chair which belonged to Eliza Fish Denison Stewart
Privately held in my possession since 1973 when I bought my first home.
Laid to Rest
Funeral of Eliza Fish Denison Stewart

Found in my family Bible, is the lengthy obituary of my 2nd great grandmother, Eliza Fish Denison, wife of Dudley Wheeler Stewart.  It is probably from a Rhode Island newspaper  because at the bottom (not shown here) is an article about the Town of Charlestown (RI). The archives of the North Stonington Historical Society also contains a copy of this obituary without any source listed. 
Source unknown

However, the Norwich Bulletin of Norwich, CT contained the above short death notice on 06 April 1909 on page 6.

Eliza attended Porterville Academy and at the age of 17, lived with family in Groton to attend school and help with the three boys of her uncle Simeon Fish. 

Considered a spinster at age 22, she married 33 year old bachelor Dudley Wheeler Stewart in 1856 and had the three children listed, including my great grandfather, prominent businessman, Charles Edward Stewart. At the "old age" of 67, in 1900 she moved in with her son Charles, his wife Adah and her grandsons.   

The Denison and Fish families were large ones. Eliza taught Sunday School in the Baptist church in North Stonington. Her brother was the famous minister, Rev. Frederic Denison.

Eliza wrote the names and dates of her family in the Family bible. 
I own some of her furniture, her writing desk and a few piece of jewelry. 

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