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Nancy FISH

Nancy FISH
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Nancy FISH, born 26 August 1776, died (unmarried) 14 November 1859. She was the daughter and youngest child of Nathan FISH and his second wife Catharine HELME.

Her gravestone lists her name clearly as Nancy but the Vital Records of Groton and Wheeler's History of Stonington list her as Anna.

Biographical information: "lived on the old homestead; a singer, a worker, a student of the Bible, and enemy of hypocrisy, a friend of all the good. A conscientious, earnest, Christian woman."

Buried in Lot 1, Row 1, Grave 1

Barbour Index: Town of Groton: Anna, [d.Nathan], b.Aug 26,1776
Fish Genealogy #1892, p. 293
Wheeler's History #45 p. 373

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