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Emeline F. MINER (footstone)

Emeline F. MINER (footstone)
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E.F. F. (footstone of Emeline F. MINER)

Emeline Frances MINER, daughter of Dr. Owen Miner, Sr. (1762-1851) and his wife Elizabeth AVERY (1768-1837 who was the daughter of Col. Ebenezer AVERY and Phebe DENISON) was born 18 Nov 1805 in Stonington, New London, CT. She married Natan Gallup FISH on 9 January 1833. She died (on her wedding anniversary) a widow on 9 Jan 1871.

Nathan and Emeline had Susan Lester, Helen Miner, Simeon Gallup, John Owen, Horace Walworth, Phebe Miner, Roswell Walter and an infant who died at birth.

Buried Lot 5, Row 1, Grave 2

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