Friday, November 24, 2006

Partial view of DENISON Plot at Elm Grove

Partial view of Denison Plot at Elm Grove
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by Midge Frazel
This is a section of the Denison plot at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic, CT. Buried in this section are Deacon Daniel Denison, Sr. and his wife Mary Stanton and their son Cap't Daniel Denison, Jr. and his wife Esther Wheeler. (Each of these four stones and the information about them are the next entries in this blog.)

The large monument you can see is a memorial to Cap't George Dension and his wife Lady Ann Borodell. Cap't George is buried in Hartford, CT but his wife Lady Ann is buried here at Elm Grove.


Baldwin, John Denison and William Clift. A record of the descendants of Capt. George Denison, of Stonington, Conn. with notices of his father and brothers, and some account of other Denisons who settled in America in the colony times. Worcester, Mass.: Tyler & Seagrave, 1881. (avaliable from by subscription)

Denison, E. Glenn, Josephine Middleton Peck and Donald L. Jacobus. Denison Genealogy: Ancestors and Descendants of Captain George Denison. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, Inc. 1993. (Reprinted 1963, 1978, 1982)

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