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John7 BURROWS (Elam6, John5, John4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born 28 Oct 1798 son of Elam BURROWS and his wife Sarah DENISON. He was the husband of Roxanna BROWN, who is buried next to him. He died 28 Mar 1872.

Groton VR (Barbour Index) p. 86 Marriage
Roxany, m. John BURROWS, 2d. b. of Groton, Aug. 23, 1821 by Rev. Roswell Burrows, Vol. 1 Page 4.

Gravestone Reads:
John BURROWS/born Oct. 28, 1798 died/March 28, 1872/

"Not words may speak his worth"

Source: History of Stonington page 280, Denison Genealogy # 2414 page 81, 456

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