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Denison BURROWS, unmarried son of Elam and Sarah DENISON born 07 Oct 1804 and died 10 Jan 1861.

Brother to Hannah Burrows and John Burrows also buried here.

"Denison Burrows/born/Oct. 7, 1804/died/Jan. 10, 1861"
"His lips and his hands administered duty to his neighbor"

Burrows genealogy states:
his name was Isaac Denison Burrows
Estate inventory $4632. Administrator and heir [to his estate was] his older brother John (1798-1872)

Robert Burrows and Descendants 1630-1974, by R. Earl Burrows, 1975. page 66
Wheeler's History of Stonington, #41, page 280

Denison is my 1st cousin, 4 times removed

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