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James A. Barber

James A. Barber
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This in the "flat to the ground" military gravestone issued in the 1990s which is placed in front of the headstone marker for James. Many of the previously issued grave markers, disintegrated or were destroyed and so new one were issued. His headstone simply bears his initials, J.A.B.

River Bend Cemetery in Westerly, RI is beautifully maintained and carefully patrolled to prevent as much vandalism as possible. They were pleased to have a copy of his photograph as the schoolchildren of Westerly often visit this resting place.

By the way, the date for his birth should read 1840. I have made a Web page for James and it has attracted much comment and use for the Civil War links contained there.

James5 (Matthew Stillman4, Benjamin Perry3, Benjamin2, Moses1). His first born son James Frederick Barber married Nellie Schofield (daughter of Joseph Scholfield and Sarah Gardiner) Nellie and James Frederick were the parents of my beloved grandmother Hannah Josephine Barber who married Evans Stewart.

The Moses Barber mentioned above married Susannah West whose mother was Susannah Soule, daughter of George Soule (the "Pilgrim")

I thank all the people who have helped me learn more about James over the years. Having three Civil War 2nd great grandfathers requires a lot to research. I have photographs of all three of these men. I wonder how unusual that is?

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