Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jonathan Wheeler Cemetery

Jonathan Wheeler Cemetery
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This is the sign outside of the cemetery for the Jonathan Wheeler family in Stonington, CT.

This sign has been replaced with a new one erected by the Wheeler family.


Anonymous said...

Midge, my dad and I have been working real hard at cleaning and maintaining the jonathan wheeler cemetery for several years. We are finally at the point where it is looking quite good. My wife made the sign. We are actually in the process of replacing it with an aluminum one that will look almost identical. The weather was rough on the wooden one. Most all of the folks buried there are my direct ancestors. Are you related to the Wheelers?
steve wheeler

Midge Frazel said...

Hi, Steve!

Yes, I visited the Jonathan Wheeler cemetery with my cousin Fred Burdick. I was looking for Jonathan and his wife Esther who are my 6th great grandparents. If you look closer at my blog you will find them here. Fred told me about the restoration process. I did notice the word cemetery spelled incorrectly on the sign but it was such a nice "New England style" sign I just has to take a photo of it.

Anonymous said...

Midge, the new aluminum sign has replaced the older, wooden one. We also corrected the cemetery spelling.(rather embarrassing) Fred Burdick is a friend of my dad's. (Richard Wheeler) They went to high school together. I would like to know more about your connections to Jonathan Wheeler. He is also my grandfather, way back. Hope to hear from you soon.
Steve Wheeler