Saturday, October 27, 2007


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If this grave was upright, it would still be readable.

Sally WILCOX, whose name was Sarah, was the wife John BARBER. She was the daughter of Isaiah Wilcox and his wife Sarah Lewis and granddaughter of Stephen Wilcox and his wife Mercy Randall and John Lewis and his wife Thankful Lewis.

She was born 19 Dec 1767 in Westerly and died 5 July 1810. She married John Barber (the son of Nathan Barber and Thankful Maxson) on 9 Jan 1790 in Westerly. He was born 21 Dec 1765 in Hopkinton, RI.

"Mrs. Sally, wife of John Barber, died July 3, 1810 in her 44th year"

Rev. Denison's date differs from the gravestone by 2 days so it may be that the 3 on the gravestone is really a 5.

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