Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thomas Barber Monument (front)

Re-post from 2007 about Moses Barber's Descendants

This is the front side of the memorial stone for the Thomas BARBER family.
Thomas BARBER 1730-1796 and his wife Mary BARBER 1735-1817 [#17 RIGR 4:3 p. 226]

Thomas3 BARBER (Thomas2, Moses1) b. 5 June 1731, d. 19 Apr 1796 was the son of Thomas BARBER and his wife Avis TANNER and he married Mary BARNEY, of Newport, b. ca. 1735, m. 22 Oct 1754, d. 1819

Deacon Weeden BARBER 1777-1860 and his wife Hannah BARBER 1782-1871 [#10 RIGR 4:3 p. 227 ]

Deacon Weeden BARBER (Thomas3, Thomas2, Moses1) b. 11 Dec 1777, d. 30 Aug 1860 was the son of Thomas BARBER and his wife Mary BARNEY. He married Hannah LEWIS, dau. of James LEWIS and Thankful BARBER, b. 1782, d. 1871

Benjamin M. BARBER 1823-1868 and his wife Martha BARBER 1821-1879
Benjamin6 Maxson BARBER (Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Nathan3, Benjamin2, Moses1) b. 1823 d. 1868 and his wife Martha Ann BURDICK b. 1821 d. 1879
He was the son of Benjamin5 BARBER and his wife Nancy BRAND

Nathan M. BARBER 1845-1910 and his wife Martha BARBER 1844-1893Nathan7 M. BARBER ( Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Nathan3, Benjamin2, Moses1)b. 1845 and d. 1910 and his wife Martha (maiden name unknown)

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