Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ralph and Mary DENISON

Ralph Denison
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In August of 2004, I went in search of the Starr Burying Ground in Groton, CT to look for my 2nd great grand aunt who was the last woman in my family to belong to the DAR. (Yes, I found it, but that is a story for another post!)

The day before, I met a fellow Denison "cousin" at the annual Dension Day and in conversation, I told her where I was going. She gave me some names to look up graves there for her. I found them easily. It's fun finding other people's ancestors too.

But, while I was there, I took three random photos of graves with the surname Denison. Later, she told me her grandparents were buried there and I asked her to email me their names so if I went back to Groton, I could take the photo for her.

This got me to thinking about the random photos I took that day and when I went looking for them, I discovered her grandparents were one I had taken. She and I are both surprised!

That's gravestone radar, isn't it?

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