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Be bold, Be wyse, Be Revolutionary

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Biography of Col. Benadam Gallup

The name Benadam may be a shortened version of the names Benjamin and Adam as is carved on this well- preserved gravestone as Ben Adam.

Benadam Gallup (Benadam, Benadam, John II, John I) was born 26 Oct 1716 in Groton, New London, CT, son of Lieut. Benadam Gallup and his wife Eunice Cobb. His father was called Sr. and he was called Jr. even though there was a Benadam already!

"Gallup, Benadam, s. Benadam & Eunice, b. Oct. 26, 1716"
Groton Vital records (Barbour Index) Vol 1, Page 118.

Lieut. Benadam Gallup (1693-1755) and his wife Eunice Cobb (1693-1759) produced eleven children (one set of twins) with their son Benadam being the oldest. [Benadam Gallup #73, pages 36 (birth), 44-45 (family).

Gallup, John D. The Genealogical History of the Gallup Family of the United States also, biographical sketches of members of the family. Hartford, CT: Hartford Printing Company. 1893.

Benadam Gallup married Hannah Avery of Groton, CT. on 11 August 1740. Hannah (Christopher, Capt. James Jr, , Capt. James Sr, Christopher Jr., Christopher) was born into the well-known Avery Family of Connecticut.

Taylor, Maureen Alice. The Avery Family: The Ancestors and Descendants of Christopher Avery. Boston, MA: Newbury Street Press. 2004.

"Gallup, Benadam, Jr. m. Hannah Avery, Aug. 11, 1740."
Groton Vital records (Barbour Index) Vol 1, Page 177.

Benadam and Hannah had an even dozen children but four died within one year (1770-1771) of typhoid fever. Their first born, Benadam is my ancestor and married Bridget Palmer.

Benadam and Hannah are buried between the father/grandfather Benadam and wife Eunice and Benadam and Bridget. A few miles away in Stonington rests the remains of the most senior Benadam and a memorial stone for John II.

John Gallup II fought in the Great Swamp Fight and is buried in a mass grave in Rhode Island where he was slain.

This Gallup family came to America on the ship "Mary & John" in 1630 from Mosterne, Dorset, England and the surname is also spelled Gallop, Gollop, Gollope and Golop, and may be dervived from the German words "Gott" and "Lobe" meaning God and Praise. The family motto, "Be bold, be wyse" certainly describes this family.

Wheeler, Richard Anson. History of the Town of Stonington, county of New London, Connecticut, from its first settlement in 1649 to 1900 with a genealogical register of Stonington families. Baltimore, Md. : Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc. 1977 (reprint of 1900). Gallup Family pps. 381-396. [Col. Benadam #77 p.388]

The family orginally landed at Nantasket, MA [now Hull], sailing from Plymouth, England and then they went to Dorchester and Boston. The first John Gallop [John II] owned Gallup's Island (near Long Island, NY) where he kept a sheep farm as well as his house in Boston. The family eventually moved to what is now Connecticut and occupied land in Stonington/Groton near the other prominent families of Denison, Miner and Stanton.

Grace Denison Wheeler, in her book "Old Homes of Stonington" states that in 1902 (pps-65-66) that the house, was "about one quarter mile" from the Denison land and all that remained was the crumbling great stone chimney. That house was inhabited by "Benadam and John, the grandson and son of the famous Capt. John Gallup of the famous swamp fight."

The land and farm of this Col. Benadam Gallup must have been on the Groton side of the land allotment. He probably was a farmer, and probably a slave owner not unlike other families in the area. In the section of the Vital Records for the many Benadam Gallup men, it lists this mysterious record:

"Gallup, Benadam, Col. had negro girl Lydia, b. Oct 27, 1788."
Groton Vital records (Barbour Index) Vol 1, Page 177.

It is unknown as to whether he fathered this child or that if he just wanted the birth of this child recorded in the town records. Lydia appears nowhere else. If he was the father he would have been 72 at her birth.

"A brave officer of the Revolution", is stated in several sources and he is my proved DAR Patriot. [link]

"Served with the militia, second battallion, Wadsworth Brigade, raised June 1776. At the Brooklyn front battle of Long Island, August 27, 1776; in the retreat to New York, August 29-30; in retreat from New York City, September 15, with the main army at White Plains."

He was 60 years old at this time [same age I am now!]

Gallup, John D. The Genealogical History of the Gallup Family of the United States also, biographical sketches of members of the family. Hartford, CT: Hartford Printing Company. 1893. pages 44-45.

The Battle of Brooklyn, also called the Battle of Long Island was one of the largest battles of the Revolution. [link] We did not win this battle but the retreat plan is still studied by historians.

Col. Bendam Gallup died at Groton on 29 May 1800, aged 84 and lies buried in the Gallup Burying Ground. His wife Hannah died 28 July 1799, aged 81. [They were my 6th great grandparents]

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