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Midge Frazel, Gravestone Maven

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Bronze Medal: Event A: Blog Summary

For this event, I am required to write a blog post about this blog, describing the intent and purpose and what I have done so far.

In June 2006, I decided to post some of the photographs I have been taking of gravestones in my direct line ancestors.

At that time, the only practical way was to post them was by using the photo-hosting site Flickr. In a short period of time, I purchased a Pro account and began organizing my photos in sets which made it easier to find photos taken in the same cemetery over time. My husband helps me with the driving and the traipsing all over the place. He holds the mirror and carries my gravestone bag.

In addition to posting single and group gravestone photos, I have been researching them and posting that information in my blog. I have only researched one whole cemetery with family members buried there. The rest are photographed while looking for specific graves. I belong to several groups (this is one) on Flickr where members research and discuss difference topics of interest to “gravestone groupies”. I learned from Sharon Carmack’s book and others and I belong to the AGS.

My cousin, Fred Burdick, town historian for Stonington, CT has been photographing and producing CD’s of photos and research on several ancient graveyards in Stonington, CT. I have learned much from him about making a plan, mapping the cemetery and photographing a cemetery by section and correctly using the mirror.

I have found gravestones for others as I go along and delight in giving a photograph of someone else’s ancestor to them! My blog is not sequential and I post gravestone photographs whenever I have time or if I find the grave of an ancestor that I own a photo of that person in my collection.

Oh, yes, and this photo of me is at the grave of one of my 2nd great grandfathers, James Albert Barber. He was awarded the medal of honor for his service in the Civil War. I have been helping in a small way to contribute to book about his unit written by Robert Grandchamp, a graduate student at Rhode Island College (where I also got a degree). Rob is a great guy and very serious about his obsession with all things Civil War. Rob lives in the town next to the one where I grew up. It was meant to be.

How did he find me? I made a Web page and posted his photo and this was before I became a gravestone groupie! Isn't the Web wonderful?

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