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Noyes LADD

Noyes LADD
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Blog Post 1 of the LADD-WILLIAMS family [first posted 8/14/08]

Because of my posting entitled, "The Dangers of Historical Books", Randy Seaver blogged about it as one of his top reads of the week! It caught the eye of a researcher in Illinois who emailed me about there being a town in his county named Stonington after the town of my ancestors who moved there from Stonington, CT. (Wow!)

Stonington and North Stonington CT folk moved around a lot, this we know, as many moved to New York.

Here's the thing..., as the obsessive detective Monk would say, it seems there was a man named Noyes Ladd who lived in that county after being born in CT. I was stunned!

Just two weeks ago I took photos of gravestones in a Stanton plot of the family of a Noyes Ladd. His wife was Harriet, whose mother was Thankful6 Stanton (William5, Joseph4, Joseph3, John2, Thomas1). This is why this family named Ladd is in the same plot with Stantons.

I found references to this family (besides the Stanton genealogy) in the Barbour Index of Vital records and I found a person's tree at Ancestry. That tree tells me that this man had a son named Noyes who lived in that very county in IL and is buried there. What an amazing coincidence?

Thanks, Randy.

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