Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Perkins, Hall and Crandall

My gravestone photo of Stanton Hall and his wife Mercy Perkins has proved to cause quite a stir as three people researching either Perkins, Hall or Crandall lines have contacted me about these three surnames. It is so great to have help with these lines! This is the fun of genealogy.

It all began with Phebe Eliza Hall, the wife of Matthew Stillman Barber and mother of James Albert Barber, all of Westerly, Rhode Island. From there I discovered that young (1820-1842) Phebe was a child of Stanton Hall and his wife Mercy Perkins. That's as far as I got for a long time.

The Peckham genealogy lists the children of Theodoty Hall and his wife Mary Peckham (p. 299) as Mary "Polly", Theodoty, Jr., Stanton, Varnum, Free, Peckham and Margaret. This was the first clearly given record I had:

"Stanton Hall, b. 1784; m. Mercy Perkins in 1800"

It always pays to go back to the records you gather first in an ancestor investigation and take a longer look at them. I now see that Stanton Hall's brother married Caty Crandall which means the Hall, Peckham and Crandall lines cross over here too.

I am grateful to Barbara Fallon of Westerly for helping me locate the exact location of Stanton and Mercy's grave for this is proving to be a great "ancestor detective" adventure. Stay tuned for more information.

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