Friday, August 01, 2008

Reunion Tent and Meadow

Reunion Tent and Meadow
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This past weekend I attended my first reunion of the Thomas Stanton Society in Pawcatuck, CT. I have chosen to show you this photo so you can see the lovely countryside and the big tent we had to hold all of us. Many things were of interest. Many people came a very long way to attend and some are members of the other families in the area and are people I see at the Denison reunion (which is tomorrow).

The land is now (and has been for a long time) the Davis farm. The Stanton family "lost the farm" and the Davis family snatched it up and as it goes in New England, a Stanton woman married into the family bringing this family together once again. The Davis farm is the oldest continuously farmed land in all of Connecticut! That's a lot of hay.

The Farmhouse Cemetery is, of course, situated right on the farm property. I dashed over to it and snapped a few photos which I will be blogging about in the future.

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