Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Great Hurricane of 1938

Seventy years ago tomorrow, a Category 3 hurricane that forecasters failed to predict ripped through New England. It was the autumnal equinox, full harvest moon and high tide. Death and destruction reigned.

I grew up hearing about this awful, but intensely fascinating event. I have a Web page about this with links to many Web sites that have information and photographs.

Remembrance of the event was covered last night on the Boston news. This is the memorial plaque and rock on the waterfront in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

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Colleen Johnson said...

Wow! Just found this post. I grew up in RI and often heard about this. I'm going to check out your web site.

I remember hearing my grandmother say that she was dancing on the front lawn during this because they didn't know how bad it was going to get. She lived in Providence at the time and it flooded later on.