Saturday, October 16, 2010


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 This is a re-post from almost two years ago. Like a bad song, I can't get the epitaph on this gravestone out of my head.

From Latham's Epitaphs of Bridgewater:

Sarah Morton, died at 18 years of age. Her death recorded in the Vital Record of Bridgewater.

Grave # 148. In memory of Mrs. Sarah, daughter of Capt. Ebenezer Morton, of Middleboro, who died Sept. 4th, 1751, in ye 18th year of her age.

The rose and the lily, how smiling and gay,
In glory so verdent yet soon flies away;
Like the rose and the lily whose glory is fled,
So it is now with the here silent dead.

This excellent gravestone with the crown on the soul effigy and the crossed bones is an example of the use of the Mrs. for a single young woman of importance in the community. It is remarkably preserved compared to others nearby and is a favorite of mine!

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Marian Pierre-Louis said...

Very interesting stone indeed! I'm glad you reposted it. Also glad to see an example of the use of Mrs. for a single lady.