Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slate & Sandstone: New England Books

Like many genealogists, I own a number of useful books to help me with my work but still, the majority of books on my bookshelf are about technology. Instead of buying two books I needed, I bought the CD of the Genealogical Dictionaries of New England & Rhode Island (Savage & Austin) instead and have searched Google Books for treasures like the Chesebrough genealogy too.

One of my ancestors, Thomas Minor, kept a journal [The Diary of Thomas Minor 1653-1684] of daily life in Connecticut and it is considered primary source material. I think that's very cool but it's hard to read due to the creative spelling and abbreviations of the era.
Of course, every genealogist should own Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills. And if you are traveling to meet me face-to-face you'll need James Baker's new book, A Guide to Historic Plymouth.

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