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Capt. William CLIFT

Capt. William CLIFT
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Capt. William Clift / Born / April 20, 1805 / Died / Oct. 21, 1822 / The Memory and Example of such a father is a pri/ celess [priceless] heritage/

William5 (Nathaniel4, Amos3, Samuel2, William1)
Wheeler's History of Stonington #38 p. 311 lists birth and first marriage date to Bridget Fish

William was born 20 April 1805 at Mystic Bridge and died 21 Oct 1882. He married Bridget FISH 18 June 1833 and had two daughters. The Burrows genealogy says that he taught school for two years, then clerked for three years at the store of Gilbert DENISON's store located at the head of Mystic River. He went to sea at 23 in a fishing smack to improve his health. He became a Captain and owner of vessels. He was an agent for his ships and others in New York City. After Bridget died in 1856 he married the next year Elizabeth A. BURROWS. They had no children together.

William's daughters were Mary H. Clift and Hannah.

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