Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Holidays

English Card
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This morning I decided to try scanning the front of a Christmas Card I designed in 1992 with my old Apple IIGS. After scanning it, I edited it in Picnik (Premium) and added the "stamp" effect around it.

I know this seems crazy, but I am going to try to use this as my Christmas Card for next Christmas. I have always loved this English village setting and think it is the best card I ever made. (It was printed on a color dot matrix printer which is why you can see tiny lines.) It is actually yellowing with age a bit.

As we will be grandparents for next Christmas, I think if I use this card with a photo of the child inside, no one will remember that I used it so long ago.

Wishing all of you very happy and healthy holidays. "Granite in my Blood" will resume the gravestone adventures now.

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