Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Brothers Broadfoot

11th Edition of Smile For The Camera [March 10, 2009]

My grandfather, Thomas Broadfoot [in the center] and his brothers James [on the left] and John [on the right] proudly standing together to have their photo taken. I have named this photo, "The Brothers Broadfoot".

I received this photo from a fellow family member whose ancestor was John. I couldn't wait until she scanned it for me as my family doesn't have many of the photos from the "old country" [Scotland] or the ones taken in this county either. It a genealogical miracle to have this and the reason I have a tree at Ancestry!

James lived briefly with his brother Thomas in Rhode Island and then moved to Vancouver British Columbia where he died of exposure. His body was sent back to Dalbeattie, Scotland to be buried.

John went to California and had a large family. It is from this family that I have been given the treasure of this photo. I hope they find more photos soon.

Thomas, John and James had three sisters: Jane Smith Broadfoot, Margaret Harcomb Broadfoot, and Esther Wakeman Broadfoot [see gravestone above]. Jane came to this country and I knew her, Margaret I visited once when I was working with my family tree (on paper) but Esther married in Scotland and stayed there.

Wouldn't it be nice if every immigrant family has such a great photo of the brothers (or sisters) in their family like this one?

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Janet Iles said...

You are fortunate that you were able to receive this photo of the brothers. Thank you for sharing