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Irish Ancestors

Copper Casting
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13th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture: "Irish Names"

This is a copper casting of the gravestone of Ann Borodell, 2nd wife of Cap't George Denison. The gravestone is at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic, CT having been moved from the Denison Burying Ground on the Cove many years ago.

Ann Borodell's father was John Borodell (or perhaps Borrowdale or Borodel) of England b. 1685 and maybe of Cumberland, England or of Cork, Ireland.

Daughter Ann was born in 1615 in England. Perhaps her parents left Ireland as it says in "Captain of Destiny" a work of historical fiction by Ray W. Denison ( in his book written in the year 2000). He suggests that John was a tanner and wanted to live near his cattle farm and tanneries. (page 68) It is suggested that the leather goods were used for the uniforms of the men who fought in Cromwell's War.

I am seeking references for these people beyond what is written on page 572 of the Denison genealogy. Maybe if I write this today, on St. Patrick's Day, I will have some good luck! [a pot of gold would be nice but this copper casting is all the metal I have now]

Martin Hollick, a fellow genealogist and Denison descendant and I worked on this some today and he found the will referenced on page 572 of the Denison genealogy but it doesn't seem to us that it is the correct John Borodell, father of Ann. NEHGS Register 49 (1895) 487-88

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