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Ebenezer Hobbs

Ebenezer Hobbs
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On our way this morning to visit with our daughter, son-in-law and baby grandson, I was reminded of how many old Massachusetts homes are still standing.

We pass through many towns along the winding road called Rt. 117 and in Weston, MA and as a genealogist, I noticed this house like many others which have these small plaques with a name an a date on them. This one I thought was very early in Massachusetts history to be in such good condition.

This house is so well kept that it is hard to believe that Ebenezer Hobbs, son of Josiah Hobbs and his wife Esther Davenport who was born 6 Jan 1708/9, built this house in 1734. As he married Eunice Garfield on 12 Dec 1734, he must have spent the months prior to that date building this fine home for his bride.

Ebenezer died 19 Oct 1762 after having 11 children so it was a good thing this house was so roomy.

If you Google the words, Ebenezer Hobbs, you will find a listing for this house as it is for sale! When you see it's worth you will wonder what he would have thought of the asking price! You will also find, as I did, that there is a book at Google Books about Weston, MA that tells us that Ebenezer was town clerk in 1734.

All this research took 8 minutes using family trees at Ancestry and Google. Tell me again... How did we find out anything before the Internet?

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Anonymous said...

As the newest inhabitants of the Ebenezer Hobbs house, thank you for your post.