Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DAR Kindness

Frances Denison STEWART
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Tombstone Tuesday: Grave of my great-grand aunt Frances (1866-1963)

Elizabeth Swanay O'Neal, fellow geneablogger and fellow daughter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and I have shared a special event. I think this is the heart of blogging about your family history.

Elizabeth traveled a long way from her coast to mine to go to the DAR events in Washington, DC and was actively producing tweets about her adventure there. It was fun to follow her day-to-day adventures on Twitter.

She asked if anyone wanted anything in the DAR Library and I asked her to get me a "Record Copy" of my ancestors approved application to the DAR. Isn't that a great act of genealogical kindness? It arrived today! It is still exciting to get snail mail.

Last summer, I blogged about finding the gravestone of my DAR ancestor but I never have found the time to send for a copy of her application. Since we used the same ancestor to join, it is more confirming evidence of this special line. The record copy is written in her own handwriting with her signature and I think that is very special.

[Note to self: scan these pages right away!]

Naturally, I paid Elizabeth for the record copy and tried to give her a little extra money for her own little girl's college fund but she wouldn't take the extra money.

Geneabloggers rock! [Applause!]


Thomas MacEntee said...

Genealogy bloggers do rock! And if only you could have met Elizabeth in person! Perhaps when we see you at Jamboree next June (hint, hint)

Elizabeth said...

Very kind of you to say, Midge (and Thomas). Truth be told, I LOVE the DAR Library, as well as the Seimes Technology Center (where I printed Midge's ancestor's application), and could spend weeks in there. Someone would probably find my rotting carcass in front of the TN or NC section! It was my pleasure to help. :-)

BTW, I noticed that Frances does not have a DAR Insignia on her headstone. Perhaps it's not too late to get one for her?

P.S. Will we be seeing you at Jamboree next year (continuing Thomas' hints)???

Julie Cahill Tarr said...

What a fantastic gift!