Thursday, September 17, 2009

George H. GALLUP

While browsing around Flickr the other day, I was startled to see the gravestone of the famous Gallup who is widely known as the Gallup of the Gallup Poll. This photo, which holds a Creative Commons license, was taken by "Tony, the Misfit" (his screename). He was kind enough to share it with me. [I ALWAYS ask permission]

The Gallup Family Association, of which I am now a life member, has a page about the famous Gallup men (and women) and in this case, his lineage from John Gallup.

I was quite surprised to see the Gallup motto on this gravestone, "Be Bolde, Be Wyse" which marks him as a descendant of the Gallup family. [I too, am bolde and wyse...]

This gravestone is located in Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey.

The current Gallup genealogy [1987] (p. 131 # 10-556) lists him as George Horace Gallup, son of George H. and Nellie (Davenport) Gallup. He was born 18 Nov, 1901 in Jefferson, Iowa and married in Washington, Iowa to Ophelia Smith MILLER on 27 Dec 1925. Her birth date was 24 Nov 1899.

He held a bachelor's, a master's and a doctorate plus many honorary degrees. Dr. Gallup's death date is not listed but probably will be in the new edition of the Gallup genealogy due out next month since the Gallup Family Association lists his death date on the Web page.

They had three children. Two of them had descendants.

Thanks, Tony for sharing this great photo of one of my Gallup cousins gravestones with me!

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