Sunday, October 18, 2009


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Smile for the Camera 18th edition: Travel

As a family, we don't consider ourselves well traveled except for my maternal grandmother who enjoyed many trips before and after her husband died. I found this postcard in the photo box that belonged to my mother and it always makes me laugh. I may find a matching one with my grandmother on a camel yet. Sound like a book title "Grandmother on a Camel". But, I digress.

Obviously this is a "tourist trap" photo. See the tiny number next to the camels? That's how they knew who to bill for the photography. I do know that this is a photo of Douglas and Louise Young of Providence and Barrington, RI. who often accompanied my grandparents on trips.

Mr. and Mrs. Young had a 50th wedding anniversary party at their "summer" home in Barrington when I was a young teen. It was the first time I saw a servant catered party. I mention this because it would have been around the time that this photo was taken so perhaps this was a 50th wedding anniversary trip.

For a person who doesn't even have a passport this is the closest I will get to this place.


Janet Iles said...

I wonder what they thought of being up high on the camels.

wendy said...

I have a picture of my mom on a camel when she toured Jerusalem in the late 90s! The family got a kick out of seeing it as part of the DVD we played after her memorial service. Thanks for sharing this!

Mel said...

What a wonderful find!

Tracy said...

What a wonderful photo. Makes me wonder how she got up on that camel gracefully while wearing a dress....