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The third side of the Champlin monument is inscribed for the son of Nathan CHAMPLIN and his first wife Jane M. CARD (who he divorced as she was adulterous) whose name was Nathan Hoxie CHAMPLIN.

As you might expect, Nathan Hoxie CHAMPLIN, was the first born child in this family as he bears the same first name as his father. Nathan Hoxie Champlin was born 22 Apr 1849 in Hopkinton, Washington, RI and married Susan CLARK in 1874 at the age of 25. He is listed with his parents in the 1870 census and with his wife in the 1880m census. The 1910 census lists this couple as married for 36 years.

Sadly, their daughter Mamy F. was born and died in 1876 and wouldn't be recorded anywhere if it was not for being included on this gravestone but it is indicated in the 1910 census that there was a child who was no longer living. This couple did not have more children.

It is not known who Susan Clark's parents were as there were many families named Clark in this area. I did find her in the 1930 census living alone but owning the house she lived in.

Other sides of this monument are:
Peleg Champlin and wife Hannah Burdick [son of Nathan Champlin and wife Mary Tucker]
Nathan Champlin and 2nd wife Mary Tucker [he was a Civil War veteran]

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