Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pine Grove Cemetery Sign

For the next few days, I thought it would be nice to focus on the family of my only living aunt, Hannah T. CHAMPLIN, widow of William BROADFOOT. Aunt Hannah is still living and although she is no longer living independently she remains as sharp as she was when I was in my twenties and started to interview my father's family.

I designed my own interview form, handwritten on notebook paper and armed with pens and pencils gathered together my aunts and asked them to fill it out for themselves and my uncles. I still have those papers and have more than once gone back and examined what is written there.

I was unsure as to how to locate the cemetery where my uncle is buried so I enlisted the help of Scott Bill Hirst of Ashaway, RI. He found the gravesite and following my directions, photographed the cemetery sign and each grave in the plot. This was the first time he had done any gravestone photography and he did an excellent job. He also wrote directions on how to find the cemetery and the section.

This is where the story begins....

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