Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fashionable Folks by Maureen Taylor

I belong to an interesting book group at the photo hosting Web site, Flickr called the 25 Book Challenge. As I read many titles about history and genealogy, I am sure that the other people already think I am a bit odd. [What? You think so too?]

This group asks that we take a photograph of the book we are currently reading or have just finished and post it to their group. I decided after surviving last year's challenge to write more about the books that I find fit into my work as a family historian.

Fashionable Folks: Hairstyles 1840-1900 by Maureen Taylor (The Photo Detective) $19.95

My friend, Maureen Taylor, is long known for her historical work with photographs. This is why she is called the PhotoDetective. It is amazing what I have learned from her books and lectures. She has been a great influence over my study, organization and archiving of my family photographs.

We have all had bad hair days. It's a big topic of conversation. If we don't get to the salon or barber to get our hair "done" is is a huge, stressful tragedy. I do think that obsession with hair gets worse as we grow older. I think my hair in the engagement photo (1971) is the best it ever looked.

This book is a look at hairstyles from 1840 to 1900. Some are beautiful, some are funny and some are outrageous. The male hairstyles are unbelievable. In addition to information about the styles are some great ads for hair products and an amazing photograph of a hair salon in downtown Providence (no, I am not old enough to have gone there as it is circa 1882)

When my daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I leapt at the chance to have her buy this book for me. That's why I put her photograph in my display. She couldn't understand why I'd want this book!

This book is a fun and informative read and makes a great gift for your own stylist.

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