Thursday, January 14, 2010

Four Generations 1935

Four Generations
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Taken at the same time, this photograph of four generations of women in my family shows how precious multiple generation photos can be! As you can see this photo is dated April 1935.

In this photograph are the following people:
My mother: Dorothy Frances STEWART Broadfoot (1916-2002) she is the youngest person in the photo and this is her year of high school graduation.
To her left: Martha BLANCHARD (1879-1968), wife of Harold Schofield BARBER. He was my grandmother's brother.
Second row: Nellie SCHOFIELD, (1867-1944) wife of James Frederick BARBER. She was my great-grandmother. The oldest lady is Nellie's mother, Sarah GARDINER (1846-1944) my 2nd great grandmother and wife of Joseph SCHOFIELD, engineer and Civil War Vet.

Next to them is my maternal grandmother, Hannah Josephine BARBER (1893-1992).

This photo was taken at 12 Elm St. Westerly, Rhode Island.

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