Saturday, February 06, 2010

Footstone [Ebenezer GALLUP]

February Footstone Project; Blog Post #2

This is a fine example of a sandstone/brownstone footstone that is original and intact.

This footstone is one of many at the Gallup Burying Ground located in Ledyard, CT. [Many books say this is in Groton but the town line changed.] This is a private, gated and locked cemetery. Last summer, I attended the reunion and walked through the woods behind the house and into the cemetery from the side gate.

Notice its position some distance from the headstone and it is inscribed on the side away from where Mr. Ebenezer Gallup's remains lie buried in-between the two stones. Ebenezer 's footstone could easily have been interpreted as a headstone because it is quite large and even has a circle decoration.

As you learned yesterday, footstones are paired with a headstone. They are supposed to look like a bed for the sleeping dead. But, if this footstone was missing its companion headstone what would you know about him?

If you look carefully at the photo you will see how super large, Mr. Gallup's headstone is! Don't strain your eyes looking at the inscription on the back side, that's going to be the topic of the next blog post.

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