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Stanton H. Clift

Stanton H. Clift
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Stanton H. CLIFT was the unmarried son of Capt. Waterman CLIFT and his wife Esther HAZARD. He is listed in the Denison Genealogy as [#2424-6 p. 456] without the middle initial and with just his date of birth. He is buried behind his parents.

It is possible that his first name was really Walter! [age 2 in the 1860 census Walter S. CLIFT]

The adornments on his grave are called the Madonna or Easter lily and are according to Keister's book [see Bookshelf page for source] symbolize the "casting off earthly things or attaining heavenly spiritual qualities." [p. 50]

In 1870, he is listed in his father's household as age 8 with his name simply as Stanton. At age 18 in 1880, he is a clerk in a dry good store. I have yet to find him in the 1900 census. Both parents died in 1890, so he should be living with a sibling or on his own. He dies in 1905.

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