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Tombstone Tuesday: Capt. Moses FISH

Capt. Moses FISH
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February Footstone Project; Blog Post #3

When is a footstone not a footstone? When it is a headstone! [of course]

I have no idea if this is a headstone for Cap't Moses FISH or if it is a footstone for a grave that is no longer there!

It has his name but no more information like a footstone but it is larger like a headstone. Are you getting a headache?

The information for the cemetery that was sent to me (I paid the photocopy fee) is from the Charles Hale 1930s WPA project and it simply says, "Fish, Cap't Moses (Can't read rest)" I wish it was more helpful.

So it is possible that this is the only marker for Capt. Moses making this a headstone

Capt. Moses Fish (#1627, p. 277 Fish genealogy) [Moses, Samuel, John, Alice, John] Colonial Veteran (captain) was the son of Moses and Martha (Williams) Fish and he was born 20 Oct 1714 at Groton, married Elizabeth Morgan on 7 Nov 1745 and died 20 June 1802 at 88 years. His wife outlived him and she died 16 Dec 1808 at 93. She is not buried here.

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