Monday, March 08, 2010

Lower Village Cemetery

Lower Village Cemetery
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This is a section of a map in the information kiosk in the front of the Lower Village Cemetery in Stow, Middlesex Massachusetts.

I passed by this "oldest cemetery" which is just over the border of the town of Maynard near the shopping center where my daughter buys her groceries.

It has been said that a "Graveyard Rabbit" can find a cemetery to explore even when it was not a planned trip.

Of course, I spied it "with my little eye" on the way to the shopping plaza which was made easier by the fact that I was not driving.  The downside was that I didn't have my camera with me so I was stuck with my cell phone's digital camera.

The camera is my cell phone [a Motorola Droid] is very sophisticated  as compared to cameras in my past. It's got enough megapixels and since it is a Web enabled phone, I can take a photo and immediately upload it to many locations including emailing it to myself (or anyone else). I love this. For all its expense, this is the way everything should be!

So, why are my photos so awful? Two reasons: one is that I haven't had enough practice with the camera, and two, there is no viewfinder. I WILL not buy a digital camera without a viewfinder. When you are outdoors, it is impossible to see without one.

So, with this two downsides in mind, I will post a few of the crummy shots I got of this great cemetery. This shot in this post is of a section of the front side of the information kiosk. It is a full map of all those folks buried here in graphical format. With all its good intention, and it IS a wonderful idea, it was not sealed properly and it is water damaged. I am guessing this might have been an Eagle Boy Scot project.

Let's take the opportunity to learn what we can about this historical cemetery. As everybody knows, we should begin with finding out what has already been written about this cemetery. "Walk with me" to Find-a Grave and look for it. Oh, look, here's the page.

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