Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sarah C. KERN

Sarah C. KERN
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Sarah C. KERN, first wife of Mr. Chandler BRUCE, died with her infant son, 1 June 1838 in Stow, MA. She was only 31. They married 2 Jan, 1828 in Cambridge, MA. This information was taken from the Massachusetts Vital Record to 1850 for Stow and Cambridge, MA.

To identify this woman, I had to go to see if anyone had her listed in their personal family tree at to find her maiden name. Then, I could go look her marriage up in the Vital Records for Cambridge. The death record for this woman sadly did not include her maiden name. It is probable that she already had living children when she and her baby son died.

Chandler Bruce married again to a Lavina Austin on 1 Aug 1841.

A fine example of a weeping willow gravestone motif. My daughter remarked that this stone looked "brand new". If only all the gravestone were this easy to read! This is a beautifully tended cemetery.

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