Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Harcomb and Buster

Harcomb and Buster
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When he was young, my father was called Harcomb, which was his middle name. It was the maiden name of his great-grandmother, Margaret (1832- 1922) who married Thomas BROADFOOT (1829-1899) on 7 Nov 1851 in Scotland.

As his father was Tom and he had a great uncle who was named Tom, it meant there were three people named Thomas Broadfoot in Rhode Island when he was a little boy. You certainly wouldn't expect that, would you?

My friend Barbara Fallon, who reads my blog, pointed out that the photo I posted last week was probably taken in front of the mill houses on Bowling Lane in Bradford, RI. I think that photo was taken on the same day as this one.

Stay tuned, more information tomorrow.

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