Monday, April 19, 2010

SNGF: Dozen Denison Timeline

Dozen Denison Timeline
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In his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Randy Seaver often has a great activity or project that supplements our genealogy research. Since he lives in CA and I live in MA sometimes, it is a day or so before I get the task accomplished. I read this one on Twitter and sent the tweet to my email to remember to try it. Getting off the couch was not an option!

As I had not investigated making a timeline in Roots Magic, I thought this morning might be a good time to learn how to do this. It is great! It has made me think about my family relationships visually.

Isaac and his wife Eunice and their dozen children fascinate me. I have located and photographed all of them except for the baby. I think there is a marble stone directly behind the parents that has fallen over.

In this chart, Isaac Denison, Jr, is my direct line ancestor and served in the Revolutionay War. Here in Massachusetts, today is Patriot's Day.

Since this is Madness Monday, I think it is quite safe to say that there are so many Denison ancestors, they can drive you mad.

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