Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Bonnet Shores Beach Club

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Sentimental Sunday: Bonnet Shores Beach Club

A reader kindly remarked that my scans of my grandparents's slides were colorful and clear that I must have done something special to them. This scan will show you that I did not. This scan has been enhanced as much as I can but the combination of age, glare and out of focus photo taking makes this a not so good family treasure.

Of course, I am clearly an adorable baby.

Bonnet Shores Beach Club is shown in the background. It still stands and is now a condo community in southern Rhode Island. It even has a history page.  It was a wonderful place to spend a summer childhood. My mother and grandmother were not employed full time so we went to the cabana frequently. When someone says summer, this is what I think of. I am so sentimental.

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Kathi said...

I often dream about my childhood at Bonnet Shores. Every Saturday night during the summer months we attended dances at the Beach Club and had so much fun! After a hurricane we'd LOVE to go to the beach because the waves were so high! Growing up at Bonnet Shores each summer was great! I wish I could be a kid again!