Saturday, July 03, 2010

Killed by Indians!

Wheeler's History of Stonington, Connecticut in the Swan family section tells us that Susanna EASTMAN married first a man named Thomas Wood on 19 May 1693 in Haverhill, Essex, MA.

Delightfully, this is confirmed by the Vital Records of Massachusetts for Haverhill (NEHGS)

1693 EASTMAN, Susanna, and Thomas Wood, May 19, 1693 Marriage Haverhill 

On 28 Nov 1694, their daughter Susanna was born in Haverhill.

1694 WOOD, Susanna, d. Thomas and Susanna (Eastman), Nov. 26, 1694 Birth Haverhill

Next, the vital records indicate the deaths of Thomas Wood and Susanna the daughter on 15 March 1696/7

1696 WOOD, Thomas, h. Susanna (Eastman), killed Mar. 15, 1696-7 Death Haverhill
1696 WOOD, Susanna, d. Thomas and Susanna (Eastman), killed Mar. 15, 1696-7 Death Haverhill

This confirms this part of the history give by Judge Wheeler on page 610.

Next, Susanna married (Capt.) John SWAN in Haverhill on 1 August, 1699

1699 SWAN, John, and wid. Susana Wood, Aug, 1, 1699 Marriage Haverhill

Three of their children were born in Haverhill before they moved to Connecticut.

1700SWANJohn, s. John and Susana, Dec. 26, 1700.

1703SWANRuth, d. John and Susana, Dec. 31, 1703.

1706SWANWilliam, s. John and Susana, June 24, 1706.


Stayed tuned for the next part of the story.....

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